Executing Your Plan

The Optimize Management System (OMS) is a methodology used to ensure the formation and execution of a strategic plan. The Optimize Management System includes the following components:

• Assessments
• Debrief
• Pre-Work & Research
• Strategic Planning
• Employee Engagement
• Project Management & Action Plan
• Measurement
• Accountability
• Follow Up

The successful implementation of OMS can be transformative for organizations positioning to thrive in an environment of unparalleled change. As industries are disrupted, best-in-class companies remain focused, disciplined and aligned.

In advance of a strategic planning meeting, we conduct thorough assessments. Such assessments vary based on the client’s needs, but may include strategic assessments, functional assessments, and employee engagement surveys. Assessments help us to understand capabilities, utilization of technology, culture and the ability to execute strategy. Some clients ask us to formalize our findings, and provide advice on topics such as organizational design or the structure of a sales team.

More than a planning process, OMS enables companies to find a focal point, the ability to filter through the noise and prioritize based on the things that matter most.

We also provide our clients with tools that enable better execution. Often, companies have streams of data and poor information. We have implemented scorecards in over 100 companies.  The proper use of scorecards can position managers to make informed decisions in real time.  Such decisions can be pushed down in an organization, freeing up senior managers to focus on what they do best.

We are highly intentional about helping management teams find a rhythm and cadence for the execution of strategic planning, including constant visibility of goals, objectives, action items and KPIs.  One can tell a lot about a company based on their rituals around strategy. We provide vision maps and other visuals that promote understanding of a strategic plan by the front line, the people who interact with customers.

To learn more about building a framework for making such decisions, we invite you to download and view our white papers.