Intended Consequences

Intended Consequences - book by Marc Emmer

In his breakthrough book, Intended Consequences, Marc Emmer balances the tension between optimizing results today while preparing to seize the opportunities ahead. Intended Consequences is packed with practical and proven methods used in the creation of groundbreaking strategies, challenging the underlying assumptions about how strategy is formed and executed. One of the best business strategy books available today, Intended Consequences describes a revolutionary framework for achieving competitive advantage over the next decade. Learn how to:

  • Develop a revolutionary value proposition
  • Identify the ideal business discipline, points of differentiation, bundle of services and price positioning for your business
  • Gain a fresh perspective on business cycles and how to hedge against them
  • Anticipate converging factors and formulate powerful scenario plans
  • Leverage scorecards to engage people and maximize profits
  • Implement a pay for performance model that motivates individual performance
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