For a company to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage requires constant evaluation of its competitive positioning. Market and competitive analysis are the secret sauce of strategy. Yet, few management teams have the discipline or data to do them well.

Optimize utilizes proven models and templates, and collaborates with clients to conduct evaluations of their market size and segments where they can win. We then use insights as the fuel for strategy formation, and creation of a sustainable value proposition. Our firm has found that when management teams have confidence in their strategic plans, they execute them better.

Research & Analytics

Our extensive analytics capabilities enable more precise market and competitive analysis, and assessment of internal capabilities. We convert data into information.

Total Addressable Market

Total addressable market, serviceable addressable market, and serviceable obtainable market

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Global Threats Edition

Global Threats Edition

In a January Vistage Trends webinar, Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin asked Optimize President Marc Emmer what he considered the number-one geopolitical threat in the world today. Marc answered, “our enemies ganging up on us.”

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