We take mid-market management teams through a highly collaborative strategic planning process that reveals a clear roadmap for the future.

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Strategic Planning

Companies come to us when they require a long-term growth plan, and a framework to develop people, processes and technology that promote scale.

Research & Analytics

Our extensive analytics capabilities enable more precise market and competitive analysis, and assessment of internal capabilities. We convert data into information.

Employee Engagement

We conduct employee engagement studies as data input for strategic planning. Unlike canned algorithms used by some providers, we tailor our studies for each client.

Our Model

Our ScalabilityPro Framework enables strategy formation, improved execution and infrastructure that supports growth.

Marc Emmer’s book Momentum, How Companies Decide What To Do Next, was covered by Yahoo Business, Business Insider, NBC and CBS.

At the heart of strategy are difficult choices that management teams need to make about concentration risk, diversification, and how to ensure that a company’s value proposition continues to resonate in the marketplace. While companies know they must provide unique value, the quest for differentiation can prove to be elusive.

Our Content

Global Threats Edition

Global Threats Edition

In a January Vistage Trends webinar, Vistage Chief Research Officer Joe Galvin asked Optimize President Marc Emmer what he considered the number-one geopolitical threat in the world today. Marc answered, “our enemies ganging up on us.”

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