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We are pleased to announce significant changes within our firm. Optimize is repositioning, armed with a new focus, brand, and website. We advise our clients to deliver a high level of value to a precise target, and we are practicing what we preach. By sharpening our focus, we will deliver even more value to mid-market private companies who appreciate long-term relationships and view strategy as a cycle.

New website

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Fresh off the press! Check out our new website, which includes many strategic planning resources:

New model

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Our model, coined as ScalabilityPro, includes new capabilities and services specifically designed to accelerate growth, cultivate culture, and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

Download the ScalabilityPro white paper.

New AI Content

See our new white paper, AI Step-by-Step, which outlines the formula for long-term success in artificial intelligence.

Click here to download.

New podcast: StrategyCast featuring Marc Emmer

By Marc Emmer for Forbes: Why Vertical Integration is the Path to Strategic Advantage

Tesla’s ascent in the automotive world is a story of innovation, not only because of technology and engineering but also because of a shrewd business strategy. Spearheaded by Elon Musk, Tesla has not just revolutionized the automotive industry but also provided a masterclass in vertical integration.

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Video: Optimize Strategy

The Strategy Experts

Marc Emmer is President and Chief Strategist & Facilitator at Optimize Inc. He is an author, speaker and consultant recognized as a thought leader throughout North America as an expert in strategic planning.