strategy page real estate edition

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in
the mouth,” proclaimed boxer Mike Tyson, an apt analogy for how the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the global economy. Early in 2020, virtually every CEO’s strategic plan was moved to the trash.

Strategic planning has always been a core responsibility of the CEO. Given the rate of change, strategic planning needs to be done more often, and with more rigor.

Today, we live in a radically different world. Disruption has accelerated with changes happening readily and rapidly, and the economic outlook
is uncertain. Consequently, strategic planning is more important than ever, and the process is more complicated than before. CEOs have to dedicate
a significant amount of energy to do it well — developing plans that can adapt to a slow economy and preparing leaders for the next growth cycle.

The question is, how effective is your approach?


The Strategy Experts

Marc Emmer is President and Chief Strategist & Facilitator at Optimize Inc.

He is an author, speaker and consultant recognized as a thought leader throughout North America as an expert in strategic planning.