Construction Strategic Planning Case Study

Business Problem

Our client experienced rapid growth and contraction due to the cyclical sector. Ownership wanted to maintain trajectory, reduce risk and build profitability. In an effort to diversify, the client added a business unit that struggled to reach growth targets and find brand identity.

The Solution

Optimize facilitated strategy meetings over 3 years. In addition to fortifying corporate strategy, optimize helped the client add rigor to its business unit-level operational plans. The client established a new set of values and objectives, and built synergies across business lines.

Optimize Activities

  • Professionally facilitated strategic planning & operational meetings
  • Facilitated team building sessions with stakeholders to create a system for referrals and sensitive information
  • Provided referrals to board members
  • Provided counsel on human capital initiatives and rebranding
  • Launched organizational surveys for manager input
  • Developed all strategic planning documents


During the strategic planning process, the company:

  • Maneuvered the changing market, outperforming peers in the upturn
  • Grew to be the largest privately owned company in the space
  • Internal referrals led to $500k incremental revenue in first year
  • Deployed human capital resources to be an employer of choice
  • Bought a building to serve as headquarters, joining disparate businesses under one roof

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