Consumer Goods, Food and Retail Case Study

Business Problem

Our client is a $100 million+ company, employing over 500 people and competing in a highly competitive consumer packaged goods category. With its sector consolidating quickly, management felt that sustained growth would be critical if the company were to survive the onslaught of competition. As an ESOP, management wanted to ensure that its employees were fully vested in its growth plan and the strategic planning process.

The Solution

Optimize was engaged to conduct a thorough strategic planning process. Every employee was invited to provide input in the company’s vision. Extensive evaluation of employee engagement was completed and benchmarked.

Optimize Activities

Over four years, Optimize managed the strategic planning cycle, and:

  • Held focus groups with over 200 employees
  • Interviewed 21 managers
  • Conducted an employee engagement study
  • Provided a detailed summary analysis of employee engagement feedback, sorted by location, department and seniority
  • Delivered a presentation to management
  • Organized working groups that evaluated markets, competitors, and product performance
  • Professionally facilitated a 3-day strategy offsite
  • Developed a strategic planning document, vision map and action plan
  • Conducted quarterly follow-up meetings with management


During the strategic planning process, the company:

  • Was recognized by a leading industry publication as a Best Place to Work
  • Made a significant decision regarding expansion into new markets
  • Instituted a new production process
  • Evaluated its product development process and developed 10 new products
  • Reversed a decline in two of its signature products
  • Fortified its position as a regional brand and dominant national brand

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